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Ag Against Hunger’s mission is to alleviate hunger by creating a connection between the agricultural community and food assistance programs. Since 1990, the generous donations of surplus produce from our local growers and shippers have helped Ag Against Hunger bring 190 million pounds of produce to tens of millions of hungry children, adults and seniors.

Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc. is a non-profit organization of agriculturalists, educators, and interested parties dedicated to fostering respect and appreciation of Monterey County’s number one industry – AGRICULTURE.  It is our mission to bring together and educate urban, rural and agricultural communities.  Monterey County Agricultural Education promotes education through its three annual Farm Day events, bringing 6,300 third-grade students and their chaparones to a meet-the-farmer type event.

Ag In The Classroom’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture among California’s educators and students. Our vision is an appreciation of agriculture by all. With more than 7 million students in California, it is essential that our children—the next generation of consumers, parents and decision-makers—grow up with an understanding of agriculture’s critical contributions to our society. The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture among California’s educators and students

A resource for science-based information about the safety of organic and conventional produce; use facts, not fear, to make healthy food choices.  Health experts and scientists say produce, grown either conventionally or organically, is safe to eat for you and your children. Not only are conventionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables safe and nutritious, Americans should be consuming more of these, not less, if they hope to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  Try the pesticide resedue calculator to see the true exposure risks of produce in our food supply.

The Grower-Shipper Association Foundation and their co-sponsoring partner, the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner, provides local community leaders a unique, hands-on experience to see the inner working of the agriculture industry.  AgKnowledge provides participating fellows a deeper understanding about the heritage, diversity, stewardship and complexity of Monterey County agriculture and the interdependencies of agriculture, local government and the community.

Central Coast: The Soul of California

Explore our Central Coast attractions, environment, and history at this unique website that features personal stories and local folklore.