Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates

2022 Advertising Rates

NOTE: Farm Focus Magazine has been discontinued.  Look for new format in 2023 with advertising opportunities.

Farm Focus Print Ad Basic Rates

Farm Focus is published three times a year (Spring, Summer, and Fall) with 20 or 24 pages , printed in full color.  All rates are for color ads.

Circulation is 1,000 press copies with 875 mailed to Farm Bureau members, community leaders, and elected officials; remaining copies are distributed through various outlets around Monterey County.

Base Rate per insert MCFB Member Discount *(see below)
Multiple Insert Discount (per insert)
Full Page $ 880 $80 $ 50
Two-Thirds Page $ 640 $50 $ 30
One-Half Page $ 495 $40 $ 25
One-Third Page $ 350 $25 $ 20
One-Sixth Page $ 180 $15 $ 15


Special Additional Rates

Back Cover, Half Page:  $550 (currently reserved) /  Exclusive ad on page:  $495 minimum

*Agricultural and Business members only

Submit PRESS Ready files, images 300 dpi and CMYK, fonts outlined, no crop marks.

Email advertising copy to

All advertisements must adhere to size dimensions as specified in the mechanicals above.

Maximum of four inserts may be booked for any ad; display will be one month each quarter.

Multiple monthly inserts for the same ad layout must be in non-consecutive months or quarterly.

Links to advertiser’s company website will be included if not specified in the advertisement copy.

Ad copy due: Spring 3-11-2022 / Summer 6-10-2022 / Fall 10/14/2022

All advertisers must submit an Advertising Agreement; PDF copy of form here.

Terms & Conditions

Commission: 15% to agencies.  Inserts:  not accepted.  Exclusive ad on page: minimum size ad required to ensure no other advertising on same page: Half page.  If an advertiser wishes to run ads of less than Half page, then other advertising may run on the same page.  If an advertiser wishes to run ads of less than Half page and guarantee no other advertising on the same page, the Half page rate will be required.  Multiple Insert Discounts apply only on Advertising Agreements that are prepaid.

Copy and Contract Regulations

Not responsible for reproduction proofs, art, etc., unless advertiser requests return within 90 days after use.  All copy subject to approval.  No liquor, tobacco, or political advertising accepted.  Publishers reserve the right to reject any advertising at publisher’s discretion.  Rights reserved to revise rates on 60 days notice.  Publishers reserve the right to reject any and all copy deemed unacceptable.  Publishers will not be bound by any conditions appearing on contract or order forms or which may be written or otherwise inserted into advertising contracts or orders, which are at variance with the publisher’s regulations and policies.  Annual contracts are encouraged for advertisers to receive the maximum frequency discount.  Insertions will be billed at the frequency submitted and will not be reduced retroactively to reflect higher frequency earned by additional insertions.  Changes in advertiser’s copy made if instructed prior to deadline for printing, but at advertiser’s risk and expense.  Not responsible for incorrect insertion of key numbers.  No rebate or rerun will be allowed because of error in key numbers inserted as above.

Mechanical & Production Requirements

Publication Dimensions  
Single column width 2.25″
Double column width 4.75″
Three column width 7.25″
Depth of column 9″
Ad Dimensions
Full Page

Non-Bleed: 7.25″ wide X 9″ tall

With Bleed: 8.75″ wide X 11.25″ tall (includes .125″ bleeds on 4 sides)

Back Cover Half Page

Non-Bleed: 7.25″ wide X 4.375″ tall

With Bleed: 8.75″ wide X 5.5″ tall (includes .125″ bleeds on 4 sides)

Two-Thirds Page

Vertical: 4.75″ wide X 9″ tall

Note: horizontal ads not recommended for this ad size

Half Page

Vertical: 4.75” wide x 6.5” tall

Horizontal: 7.25” wide x 4.375” tall

One-Third Page

Vertical: 2.25″ wide X 9″ tall

Horizontal: 4.75″ wide X 4.375″ tall

One-Sixth Page

Vertical: 2.25″ wide X 4.375″ tall

Horizontal: 4.75″ wide X 2.25″ tall

Click here for Advertising Agreement form.

Click here for advertising rates and specs PDF.