Monterey County Farm Bureau

About Young Farmers & Ranchers

Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in the Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) program. YF&R’s mission is to attract and empower future Farm Bureau leaders and increase the interest in agriculture as a way of life. Our committee is designed to facilitate professional development and social networking opportunities among young farmers, ranchers and people who work in agriculture related jobs.

About the Program

YF&R is designed for young people between the ages of 18-35 who share an interest in improving themselves and agriculture. Our program provides an opportunity for agriculturists to connect with individuals who have the same professional interests and challenges. The three basic purposes of the program are: 1) assist young farmers and ranchers in solving problems they face, 2) expose young people to Farm Bureau, and 3) develop leadership abilities in young men and women.

Activities and events throughout the year help provide donations to Monterey County Ag Education, Ag Against Hunger, and the Monterey County Food Bank.  The food drive in December collected 90 pounds of canned goods for the food bank!

The YF&R program is structured at the county, state and national levels.


Our Central Coast YF&R committee meets on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting agriculture and to develop methods for promoting our county’s agriculture industry.

Our monthly meetings are generally held at the Monterey County Farm Bureau office every third Wednesday at 5:30PM.

Our Executive Board meets to discuss organizational business issues at 5:30PM at the Monterey County Farm Bureau office the Monday of the week prior to membership meetings.

You can receive more information about the opportunities within the county by contacting the Monterey County Farm Bureau at (831) 751-3100 or San Benito County Farm Bureau at (831) 637-7343.

Why Join?

The biggest advantage to participating in the YF&R program is the chance to meet people from all parts of California. This opportunity is made available during State YF&R sponsored events, such as the YF&R Leadership Conference, Legislative Program, Discussion Meet, Outstanding Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award and other regional or county events. The caliber of individuals participating in the program is very high.  Everyone reaps the benefits from the varied backgrounds and experience that this group has to offer.

Keep Updated

Be sure to visit our website to be kept up-to-date on all the news and activities in the California State Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers program