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U.S. Department of Agriculture released their report "The Importance of Highways to U.S. Agriculture" in December 2020.  Agricultural commodities are among the Nation’s largest and most important exports. The agriculture industry is the largest user of highway freight, and the industry relies on highway infrastructure for the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

This report offers insights to inform the transportation planning and project selection processes that build and maintain highway infrastructure used by the agriculture industry. The report introduces novel analysis techniques that illuminate how domestic agricultural commodities move on U.S. highways, and how the condition and performance of those highways may affect the movement of agricultural goods. Economic modeling described in the report highlights the potential for increased highway investment to benefit the agriculture industry by lowering truck operating costs and supporting improved highway performance. The report demonstrates the interconnected nature of agricultural freight, and highlights the importance of cooperation across State and jurisdictional boundaries.

Download the Summary Report and full Report at the USDA website here.