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SmartWater CSI

Monterey County Farm Bureau

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for Monterey County!

SmartWater CSI is a high tech company specializing in theft reduction and apprehension, delivering customized and proven crime reduction strategies that create a powerful deterrent by significantly increasing the risk to the potential offender by enabling the asset to be traced back to a location or owner.

SmartWater’s asset protection system is a clear liquid that contains a unique forensic code that is extremely robust and guaranteed to last a minimum of five years in all weather conditions.  It can be applied to all assets of value – tractors, stationary equipment, irrigation pipe and sprinklers, and electronics – that are frequently the target of theft.

The non-hazardous patented liquid leaves a long-lasting identifying mark that is invisible except under ultraviolet black light.  The smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater on stolen assets can be forensically analyzed and linked back directly to the location or owner of that asset.

This truly is the next generation of asset protection for farm and ranch equipment at a low-cost buy-in!  SmartWater has already been launched successfully in several California counties, as well other states.

Farm Bureau and the Sheriff would like to launch SmartWater in Monterey County using a pilot set of willing farm and ranch operators to help fund the start-up costs of the program.  Initial kits include SmartWater liquid for marking assets, signs and decals alerting would-be thieves to SmartWater use, plus evidence collection kits and other forensic investigation items for the Sheriff’s Ag Crime Task Force to utilize when identifying stolen equipment and apprehending thieves.

We are seeking pilot program participants to start the program by committing to using SmartWater and demonstrating its asset tracking and theft deterrent capabilities.  We invite you to participate by calling our office for details at 831/751-3100.