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Public Safety Power Shutoff

PG&E Policy:  In 2018, due to the extreme fire conditions of the past several years, PG&E adopted a new preventive fire safety policy – it is based on the highest fire risk areas in PG&E’s territory as defined by the CPUC fire threat map (see image below).  In 2018, PG&E focused on Tier 3; in 2019, PG&E is including Tier 2 as well.

In brief, the policy is, if the conditions are such that a there is a high risk of fire, PG&E may proactively shut-off the power to circuits where the conditions are located.  Below are the basics of how these decisions will be evaluated (these factors generally include, but are not limited to):


  • A Red Flag Warning declared by the National Weather Service
  • Low humidity levels, generally 20 percent and below
  • Forecasted sustained winds generally above 25 mph and wind gusts in excess of approximately 45 mph, depending on location and site-specific conditions such as temperature, terrain and local climate
  • Condition of dry fuel on the ground and live vegetation (moisture content)
  • On-the-ground, real-time observations from PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Operations Center and observations from PG&E field crews


PG&E will attempt to give as much advance notice as is possible, and then continue to update as the event progresses.  PG&E is advising customers that the power could be out for up to 5 days.

More information on the Public Safety Power Shutoff policy can be viewed on PG&E's website here.

All PG&E customers (including those who get their power through Monterey Bay Community Power) are encouraged to update contact info on your account with a cell phone number (to receive power alerts via text).  Your PG&E representative is happy to help update your contact info!