Monterey County Farm Bureau

Public Policy & Elections

Monterey County Farm Bureau actively engages in public policy issues, statewide ballot propositions, and local (county-wide) elections, and state representatives for Senate and Assembly.

Candidate Endorsements

California State Senate, District 12: Anthony Cannella

Senator Cannella understands the challenges facing Monterey County Agriculture and is working hard to address these challenges.  As Vice-Chair of two important State Senate committees, the Agricultural Committee and the Natural Resources and Water Committee, Senator Cannella is ideally positioned to address local agricultural, water, and land use issues.

Monterey County Supervisor, District 2: John Phillips

As Founder and President of Rancho Cielo, Judge Phillips has distinguished himself as a community leader by providing new opportunities to our youth.  Serving as Assistant District Attorney and as a Superior Court Judge has familiarized him with Monterey County issues and provided perspective on our local politics.  Judge Phillips supports Monterey County Agriculture as our main economic driver and understands this means jobs for our communities.

Monterey County Supervisor, District 3: Simon Salinas

A long-time friend of Salinas Valley Agriculture, Supervisor Salinas supports a strong agricultural community of producers and processors that provide jobs in his district.  He has also been a strong advocate for affordable housing, healthcare, public safety, transportation, local control in government, and education.  Supervisor Salinas understands the challenges facing Monterey County.

Monterey County Sheriff / Coroner: Steve Bernal

As the only candidate for Sheriff with actual work experience in Monterey County Agriculture, Deputy Bernal understands the needs and challenges of today’s farming community.  With 14 years experience as a Deputy Sheriff, stationed in all areas of Monterey County, he confronts the wide variety of issues that officers must face daily.  Deputy Bernal has pledged more support for the Ag Crimes Unit in combating farm theft.

Monterey County Farm Bureau held a Candidates Forum on April 16th to ask our candidates about issues facing local agricultural, as well as state and regional public policies.