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Why Join Farm Bureau?

Agriculture is the economic driver of Monterey County and your membership supports our heritage as land stewards of one of the most productive areas of the world.  Indeed, we feed the world!

Being part of the Farm Bureau means adding to the combined strength of a membership that includes over 31,000 farmers, ranchers, and familites throughout the state.  Together, we work tirelessly to advocate and protect the future and quality of life for all Monterey County farmers and ranchers.

We’re There for You, protecting your water rights!  With issues of water use, possible diversions for municipal and environmental use, desalination, groundwater sustainability, and drought management, we engage for you in numerous forums and meetings where others are unaware of how technology has improved irrigation efficiency.  We engaged in the Peninsula Water Supply Project approval process to ensure the Salinas River Groundwater Basin was not harmed, participated in the formation of the Salians Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency, as part of SGMA, montoring the development of the groundwater sustainability plans, and continue to be inovled in the discussions on what should be done to deter salt water intrusion, maintaining and utilizing surface water Permit #11043,  and the proposed inter-lake tunnel connection project between our two reservoirs.

We’re There for You, watching Monterey County ordinance developments and working to enhance the Wine Corridor supported in the General Plan.  Farm Bureau is engaged in the well ordinance development, and provided input into the proof of access and alternative energy ordinances.  Farm Bureau supported the strengthening of the Right to Farm ordinance ensuring that farms and ranches can operate daily without the treat of nusance lawsuits.

We advocate for additional farm advisors to help with pest and disease control research, work with local communities on illegal dumping in farm fields, wildfire response and disaster recovery, wildlife management adjacent to productive lands, and healthy soils initiatives.

There are many reasons to join Farm Bureau membership, beyond what is listed above, as there are many other benefits of membership that add value to your investment in the local Agricultural community.  You can earn back your investment through use of your Ford vehicle discount, Grainger supplies discount, and other discount programs offered only to Farm Bureau members.  Check out our membership benefits here!

Join on-line and you will immediately become a member!   We’re There for You!

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Join Online through the California Farm Bureau's web site.

By Telephone

Call the Monterey County Farm Bureau Office at (831) 751-3100 and be ready to provide to following:

  • Name (and company affiliation, if applicable)
  • Address & Phone (residence, property ownership or place of business.)
  • Occupation
  • VISA or MasterCard for dues payment

By Mail

Click below to download  a printable membership form:

Agricultural Member - income comes directly from farming, ranching, or nursery operation (form)

Business Partner Member - selling goods and services to agricultural operations (form)

Associate Member - supporter of agriculture, likes to eat food (form)

Employer Sponsored Member - employee of an Agricultural member at a sponsored rate (form)

Landowner Member - income dervied from land leases to agricultural operations (form)

Young Farmer & Rancher Member - under 35 years old with income direclty from Agriculture (form)

Collegiate Member - between 16 and 25 years old enrolled in post-high school education (form)

Mail your completed form with payment to:
Monterey County Farm Bureau
P.O. Box 1449
Salinas, CA  93902-1449