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Hartnell College - Director of Workforce Development: Agriculture and Healthcare Sector Partnerships

Posted 3/27/2017

Under the direction of an area administrator and working with the assessment, reports, and recommendations from the National Resource Network and Jobs for the Future, the Director will serve as the sector intermediary and be responsible for all aspects of developing and expanding the Agriculture and Healthcare Sector Partnerships, including planning, assessment, gap analysis, employer engagement, partnership-building, implementation, communication, and reporting. The Director will work closely with other Hartnell personnel currently engaged in education pathways and workforce development in agriculture and healthcare. This position also reports to a sector partnership advisory board that includes city leadership from Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, Salinas, and Soledad.
* Manage all planning and implementation of the Agriculture and Healthcare Sector Partnerships. This includes overseeing the launch of partnerships and regular convenings of employers and other organizations, staffing the operations of the partnerships and all existing and future committees, researching opportunities to grow the partnerships with new employers, proposing the development of new pathways, identifying key policy advocacy topics and developing policy positions, and actively participating in finding and developing funding opportunities for the work.
* Assess workforce demand among agriculture and healthcare employers. Assess existing education and training programs and support services to develop a workforce development asset map/inventory for the agriculture and healthcare sectors. Maintain the asset map/inventory for currency. Determine gaps between workforce demand and workforce training. In coordination with existing Hartnell College structures supporting agriculture and healthcare, develop strategies to close workforce gaps throughout the Salinas Valley. Actively seek best practices and assess their fit and appropriateness for the entire five-city region.
* Develop and maintain relationships with internal partners, industry partners, employers, K-12 and higher education partners, agencies, community organizations, Monterey County Workforce Development Board, funding organizations, policy makers, and state and national workforce organizations. Actively link workforce development efforts with economic development efforts throughout the Salinas Valley region.
* Facilitate the planning process and implementation of workforce solutions that address workforce challenges in the target sector; develop and implement plans for sustainability of the sector partnership and its workforce solutions.
* Document and share the work of the sector partnerships and its constituent members with key stakeholders throughout the Salinas Valley region, including city leadership, employers, government agencies, the media, and current and potential partners.
* Report progress regularly and participate in data collection and evaluation activities for the industry sectors.
* Manage the approved annual budget for assigned programs and services.
* Assist in the hiring process of personnel assigned area and recommend personnel actions to supervisor. Assist in the training of assigned personnel.
* Evaluate assigned personnel according to established district policies and procedures.
* Serve on college and district and industry/community committees as assigned.
* Actively participate in and support college participatory governance components and activities and other collaborative processes.
* Travel throughout the District in carrying out responsibilities and functions.
* In collaboration with the Hartnell College Office of Advancement, seek external funding opportunities.
* Perform other duties as assigned to meet the needs of the sector partnership.
Education and Experience
* A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
* Two years of experience reasonably related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
* Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.
* Demonstrated experience developing, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs, partnerships, events, and support services appropriate to assignment.
* Ability to intelligently and effectively communicate in writing and orally and, in collaboration with the area dean, serve as the Ag Institute’s spokesperson and ambassador.
* Ability to be highly creative, but practical.
* Ability to be a self-starter, to lead and assume the initiative without close supervision, and the ability to interact comfortably with the highest level leadership of the agriculture industry.
* Ability to deliver formal and influential presentations.
* Knowledge of the development, implementation, and assessment of student learning outcomes and service area outcomes.
* Ability to be a fairminded, ethical, and honest leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written.
* Ability to develop, implement, and evaluate programs and services.
* Ability to utilize data and assessment outcomes to make improvements for programs and services.
* Ability to develop and monitor budgets and effectively utilize resources.
* Skilled in the use of technology and software for databases, accounting, spreadsheets, and other technology appropriate for position.
* Ability to effectively manage priorities in large, complex and diverse operations.
* Knowledge of the local, regional, and state agriculture communities, industry areas of greatest interest and concern, and potential for growth and support.
* Knowledge of college accreditation procedures, practices, and standards.
* Knowledge of enrollment management principles and practices.
Knowledge of the theories, principles, and practices associated with higher education curricula and instruction, student support services, student learning, student success, enrollment management, fiscal management, and accreditation procedures, practices, and standards.
* Demonstrated ability to provide leadership and work collaboratively and productively with all stakeholders including; faculty, students, administrators, support staff, business and industry, research community, and the community at large.
* Ability to identify public and private grant opportunities and effectively engage partners during the application process and throughout subsequent grant management and implementation activities and reporting.
* Ability to foster open communication among all stakeholders, adhering to principles of trust, teamwork and collaboration.
* Ability to use independent judgment in the interpretation and application of laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
* Ability to recruit, select, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.
* Ability to inspire and motivate others toward goal achievement.
* Ability to counsel, direct, and facilitate professional development of employees.
* Operate a computer, assigned software and other office equipment.
Licenses and Certificates: Valid driver’s license required.

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