Monterey County Farm Bureau

Our Mission Statement

Monterey County Farm Bureau is a non-profit, voluntary organization whose members are farmers, ranchers, landowners, Agribusiness people and other interested parties.  As a leader in the Agricultural industry, Monterey County Farm Bureau’s mission is to promote the well being of agriculture through involvement in education, stewardship of natural resources, public policy development, and the resolution of community  challenges.

We’re there for you … on Water Quality

Under consideration for adoption in January 2021, the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (Ag Order 4.0) will place onerous requirements on both small and large farms, organic and conventional.  Farm Bureau participates in the development of the agricultural proposal and legal arguments, supporting a cooperative monitoring program and research into technology that will quantify the benefits of on-farm practices for both surface and groundwater.  Farm Bureau continues to work on a regional solution for nitrates in groundwater that does not include specific, numerical nitrogen application limitations by crop or acreage.  Groundwater is now a major focus of legislators and regulators, and we work to protect your right to continue farming using groundwater resources and current farming practices that protect water quality.

We’re there for you … on Water Rights

Farm Bureau is protecting Salinas Valley Water Rights against the possible impacts from sustainable groundwater management plans.  Working with other community organizations, Farm Bureau was a party to the CA Public Utilities Commission hearings for approval of the California American Water desal project that includes a return water flow agreement that protects the Salinas groundwater basin from harm and could provide additional water resource supplies for drinking water and irrigation systems.

We’re there for you … on Water Use

The Groundwater Sustainability Management Act (SGMA) will impact local groundwater sub-basins and how overdrafts are managed.  Monterey County Farm Bureau was active in the formation of the Groundwater Sustainability Agency for our County, working with other stakeholders to secure four Ag seats on this agency’s Board of Directors.  Farm Bureau involvement in the Sustainability Plan ensures you have a voice.

We’re there for you … on New County Ordinances

Through participation in meetings with County Environmental Health and Planning Departments, the Right to Farm ordinance and the local Williamson Act were reaffirmed; working with the County on deepwater aquifer well ordinance.  Farm Bureau monitors all proposed ordinance changes to ensure agricultural land use and cultural activities are protected.  Supporting continued development of the winery corridor.

We’re there for you … on COVID-19 Response

Farm Bureau helped to develop the state’s first Advisory for Agricultural Worker Protection, offering advice and practices to ensure farmworker safety and health.  Our weekly communications have provided updates on changing requirements, local and state Orders, and relief programs available for farm employers.  Farm Bureau interactions with elected officials and legislators has been instrumental in bringing supplies and services to the local farming community, as well as provided input on needed relief programs.

We’re there for you … on Labor and Immigration

As the stalemate to reform our immigration laws lingers in Washington, D.C., Monterey County Farm Bureau continues to participate in a coalition of national organizations aimed at passing meaningful, comprehensive reforms that include an Ag worker program for CA specialty crops.  We continue to press for an administrative pathway for those workers already within our borders to obtain documentation to work here legally and cross borders safely so they can travel to their native homes.  We support the Farm Workforce Modernization Act passed in the House of Representatives in Fall 2019.

We’re there for you … on Crop Protection Tools

As part of the coalition that worked on fumigants locally, we remain committed to the continued safe use of crop protections tools that sustain our yields, control exotic pests as they are detected, and maintain healthy soils and natural resources for local crop production.  On-going dialogue with community health and education organizations highlight the safe use of crop protection tools when in proximity to our schools.

We’re there for you … on Wildfire Response

Farm Bureau worked with CalFire on wildfire information distribution and coordination of efforts for the protection of the valuable agricultural lands of our County during the firestorms of August 2020.