Monterey County Farm Bureau

Ballot Measures

Monterey County Farm Bureau's Board of Directors is not making any endorsments for candidates running in State Representative offices.

General election is on November 6th ... remember to vote!

Below are recommendations from Califonria Farm Bureau Federation on statewide ballot initiatives, as well as one recommendation by Monterey County Farm Bureau on a local ballot measure.

California Farm Bureau Recommendation on Statewide Ballot Initiatives - November General Election Ballot

Proposition 1 - NO POSITION
Veterans Housing Bonds

Proposition 2 - NO
Shift in Tax Revenue

Proposition 3 - YES*
Water System Enhancements
* NOTE: Monterey County Farm Bureau's Board of Directors supports a NO vote on this bond measure because there is minimal opportunity for funding to come to our region from this bond; CA Farm Bureau is supporting this bond measure as "Proposition 3 builds on earlier investments.  It represents the latest contribution to what must be an on-going commitment to assure Calfiornia's water system can meet its future needs."

Proposition 4 - NO POSITION
Children's Hospital Bonds

Proposition 5 - YES
Property Tax Assessment Transfer

Proposition 6 - YES*
Fuel Tax Repeal
* NOTE: Monterey County Farm Bureau's Board of Directors has not taken a position on this proposition but supported Measure X, the County's self-help infrastructure sales tax override; loss of gas tax funds will impact on-going and contemplated roadway and infrastructure maintanence projects in our County.

Proposition 7 - NO POSIITON
Daylight Savings Time Advisory

Proposition 8 - NO
Kidney Dialysis Price Setting

Proposition 9 was removed from the ballot

Proposition 10 - NO
Rent Control

Proposition 11 - NO POSITION
Ambulance Employees

Proposition 12 - NO
Farm Animal Housing

Farm Bureau Opposes Measure J
Study to Determine if Public Ownership of Peninsula Water Supply is Feasible

Wondering why an agricultural organization would jump into taking a position on a ballot measure that doesn’t impact Salinas Valley farming?  It’s all about the process.

While many may have various opinions on the initiation of a feasibility study that Measure J proposes to determine ownership of our water system, the process that the ballot measure lays out is flawed and threatens the very right of voters to decide upon the findings of the feasibility study itself.

First, Measure J does nothing to define feasibility, leaving this to an arbitrary decision of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management Board and staff.

Second, if the feasibility study comes back and says “Yes, let’s condemn our water system for public ownership and it’s legally feasible to do so” yet the price tag comes back somewhere north of $500 million, will the voters feel the same about paying that price?

Measure J does not allow for that intermediary step … if the feasibility study comes back in favor of public ownership, it requires the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District to initiate the action to condemn the water system assets without voter approval of the anticipated price tag.

For this reason, Monterey County Farm Bureau urges a NO vote on Measure J.  The community should decide, once again, to proceed with public water after the facts and costs are determined.  Measure J doesn’t allow for that to happen.

Updated 10/02/2018