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California Bountiful Television

California Bountiful TV is a 30-minute weekly tour of the state's dynamic food industry. It features stories on the people, places and lifestyles that have made California the nation's largest food-producing state.  California Farm Bureau produces the bimonthly magazine and weekly TV program for audiences that may not be familiar with farming, ranching and food production.

The show airs on KSBW / 8 on Fridays at 12:30 PM.  Watch video clips here.

California Bountiful Magazine

Just like the weekly television program of the same name, California Bountiful magazine connects the people, places and stories of rural life to your life—no matter where you live. The magazine is published six times a year and is one of the many benefits enjoyed by Farm Bureau consumer members. To read articles online, visit the CA Bountiful Magazine web site at

New articles on California food, people and places!

Read about the superfood surge is bringing baby spinach to dinner tables, how County Fairs are adapting to current trends, food choices for our canine friends, preserving takes hold in the younger generation, berry choices, farm-to-fork menus, chef's special recipes, and much more!

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Featured Stories from Monterey County


Dale Huss is probably the only person in the world with the job title "vice president of artichoke production."  He oversees the crop for Castroville-based Ocean Mist Farms.  Artichokes can add a royal touch to a meal, he said, and pointed out that the artichoke is honored for its beauty and versatility as the official vegetable of Monterey County.             > Read the full article



California is the nation's top agricultural producer, but that doesn't mean everyone living in the state has enough to eat. Members of the Central Coast Young Farmers and Ranchers program aim to change that.  When companies have a surplus of product, YF&R members help get the food to those in need through Ag Against Hunger.
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Long before farming, wooly mammoths roamed California, including the fertile coastal plain around Watsonville.  One day thousands of years ago, a wooly mammoth died in the once-marshy area now used to grow artichokes and other vegetables. Its bones lay undiscovered until just recently.

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Before the sun comes up in California's Salinas Valley, four young women pull on their boots and start their pickup trucks. They head out to the valley's lush fields where dozens of different vegetable crops are grown—lettuce, onions, artichokes, broccoli and cauliflower among them—and begin their workday.

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