Monterey County Farm Bureau

CFBF Annual Meeting

California Farm Bureau Federation is coming back to Monterey for their Annual Meeting and House of Delegates in December.

Message from Paul Wenger, CFBF President:

2016 will be a year that leaves an indelible footprint on our country and the state of California. As we gather in marvelous Monterey for our 98th Annual Meeting of Members on December 4-7, we will certainly have a lot to reflect upon, as the November elections will be behind us and the inauguration of a new president—as well as a new Congress and state Legislature—will soon be upon us.

Farmers and ranchers have proved their unparalleled ability to adapt to adversity, whether from natural causes such as weather or manmade calamities such as the myriad regulatory and legislative hurdles that add costs and other burdens that make it hard to farm or ranch effectively and profitably. As leaders of our Farm Bureau organization, we must utilize the same resourcefulness and resolve to overcome outside influences that have impacts on our organization. As we meet to discuss important issues such as bylaw amendments and the policy proposals developed through our Issues Advisory and Policy Resolution Committees, we rely on the strength of our grassroots structure to continue to provide the thoughtful discussion and decision-making that will position our Farm Bureau organization to meet the challenges our industry will face in the years ahead.

As with past Annual Meetings, we look forward to recognizing county Farm Bureaus and individual members who have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional leadership while advocating on agricultural issues. It is the strength of working together that delivers results that benefit everyone associated with agriculture in California. That is why this year’s theme is “Ag Unite: Keep Your Farm in the Fight.”

As I write this welcome, we are in the final days of the legislative session, and the most egregious legislation yet to be resolved is Assembly Bill 1066, dealing with the elimination of the 10-hour workday for farm employees. We hope that at the end of the debate, we will be celebrating a victory for common sense and another example of what a united agricultural response can achieve.

This year’s meeting will be held at the Monterey Hyatt, a different spot for us. We look forward to a great Annual Meeting at this new venue. A couple of things are certain: The weather in Monterey will be great, and you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend a couple of days with in December than fellow farmers, ranchers and Farm Bureau members.

At the Monday evening Awards Banquet, the CFBF Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Monterey County's Bob Martin, recently retired from the MCFB Board of Directors and a Past President of our organization.  Tickets to the dinner banquet can be purchased on-line ... come join the celebration for Bob as he is recognized for over 40 years of commitment and service to Agriculture and the Farm Bureau organization.