Monterey County Farm Bureau

California Agricultural Neighbors

In partnership with California Department of Food & Agriculture, Monterey County Farm Bureau is co-leading the California Agricultural Neighbors (CAN) initiative, bringing together stakeholders from "both sides of the fence" to discuss and review food safety practices related to leafy green and vegetable production when adjacent to rangeland operations.

Objectives of this initiative:

  • Share food safety initiatives underway in California
  • Provide details about the California Agricultural Neighbors work
  • Engage in a dialogue – today and beyond


The California Agricultural Neighbors (CAN) group invites all interested stakeholders to read its interim report, “California Agricultural Neighbors: Neighbor-to-neighbor best practices to help enhance localized food safety efforts.”

Food safety is a shared responsibility. Continued outbreaks of pathogenic E. coli O157:H7 associated with leafy greens in California’s Salinas Valley necessitates a robust response from the agricultural community and local, state and federal regulators.

Participantion in CAN includes representation from the agricultural production community (leafy greens, cattle ranching, viticulture, compost), academia, associations (industry, consumer/retail), and government (local, state, federal).

CAN provides a roundtable forum to foster collaboration and discuss enhanced neighborly food safety practices when agriculture operations are adjacent to one another. The program will include information sharing and the development and refinement of a near-term food safety action plan.

CAN held three webinars on topics identified as needing more expert information and background; click the following links to view the recorded webinars hosted by the California Farm Bureau Federation in partnership with the Monterey County Farm Bureau and CDFA:

Reservoirs of E. coli O157:H7 and other STECpresented on June 30, 2021 - view the video of this webinar here

Off-farm factors that may affect STEC movement on the landscapepresented on July 7, 2021view the video of this webinar here

On-farm factors that may affect STEC survival and contact with produce presented on July 14. 2021view the video of this webinar here