Monterey County Farm Bureau

Board of Directors

2018 Executive Committee

  • Chair - Paul Arnaudo, Commercial Truck Company
  • Executive Vice Chair- Nicole Knapp, American Ag Credit
  • Vice Chair of Membership- KC. Silacci, The Dune Company of Salinas LLC
  • Vice Chair of Activities- Barbara Causley, California Rodeo Salinas
  • Secretary- Savanna Lindow, Organicgirl
  • Treasurer-Kyle Pollock, Triangle Farms Inc.
  • Past Chair: Amanda DeDampierre, DeDampierre Cattle Ranches

Paul Arnaudo

Paul is a native of Monterey County and currently resides in Salinas with his wife Jen and their beloved dog, Carmine.  He enjoys traveling and bbqing with family and friends.  After attending Humboldt State University, Paul came back to Salinas to work for Commercial Truck Company, were he is currently the general manager.


Nicole Knapp

Nicole was born and raised in Healdsburg, CA and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  She is a loan officer at American AgCredit.


Barbara Causley

Barbara was born and raised in Salinas.  She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2014 and now work at the California Rodeo Salinas.  Rodeo has always been a huge part of her life and is something she holds dear to her heart.




Savanna Lindow

Savanna Lindow currently works at Organicgirl in the Quality Assurance and Food safety department.  Graduating from Hartnell with an Associates Dregee in Agriculture Business and a Food Safety Certificate, she is now attending California State University of the Monterey Bay earning her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Agri-business.  When she is not doing homework or working, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, shooting and traveling the country.  Savanna is also involved in her community while participating in the Salinas Valley Hospital Foundation, California Rodeo Salinas, and California State University of the Monterey Bay's Agriculture Business Club.


Amanda DeDampierre

Amanda is a third generation cattle rancher who resides in the Salinas Valley. She enjoys trail riding, branding, hunting, and traveling in her spare time. Amanda is very involved with several local groups including the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation and the California Rodeo Salinas.



K.C. Silacci

K.C. Silacci was born and raised in the Salinas Valley.  He attended Chico State University and graduated in 2013 with a crop science degree. After graduating from CSUC, he pursued a career in agriculture as a pest control adviser for The Dune Company of Salinas. In his free time he enjoys hunting, snowboarding and other outdoor activities.