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2014 Monterey County Crop Report

Monterey County Agriculture set another all-time record with crop production values of $4.49 billion, announced by Agricultural Commissioner Eric Lauritzen on July 7, 2015 as he released the 2014 Crop Report.

This report follows an updated Ag Economic Contributions report released the prior week that underscored the dominance of Monterey County Agriculture.  "Agriculture is clearly our number one industry and is poised to become even more important to our state and nation in the future," said Laurtizen.

Gross crop values rose $277 million, or 6.5%, from the previous year.  Strawberries lost the top crop spot to leaf lettuce due to refinements in calculating crop value, although the value of strawberries increased 5% from the previous year.  Vegetable crops overall increased by 9%.  Livestock, field crops, and nursery crops saw declines, partially due to drought conditions.

If Monterey County were to be considered as a state, total production surpasses over half of the other states.  Production of 26 commodities exceeds the $10 million value mark, with 11 commodities exceeding $100 million.

Lauritzen noted that Monterey County Ag production has approached or exceeded $4 billion every year since 2009.  "That in itself is an amazing accomplishment, and it speaks to the vitality of our Ag industry," said Lauritzen.  "But it also demonstrates the diversity and important contribution Agriculture makes to our economy and community."

To acknowledge the importance of our labor force, this year's report is entitled "Our Crops, Our People" and includes profiles of several unique individuals who personify the Agriculture industry.  Videos of each of the profiled individuals are available on the Ag Commissioner's website, where the entire crop report can be viewed electronically.

Wine grape production increased again this year, posting a total production value of $247.3 million.  Look for great 2014 vintage wines from our local winery corridor, named one of the top ten wine destinations in the world in January 2013.  Leading varietals are Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris.

Monterey County's Top 10 Crops:

  1. Leaf Lettuce = $775,432,000
  2. Strawberries = 709.296,000
  3. Head Lettuse = 651,136,000
  4. Broccoli = $412,084,000
  5. Nursery Stock = $286,577,000
  6. Wine Grapes = $247,357,000
  7. Cauliflower = $188,173,000
  8. Celery = $180,685,000
  9. Misc. Vegetables = $159,702.000
  10. Spinach = $157,834,000

Note: all crop values are gross production amounts and do not represent profits on individual crops.

Monterey County is again the fourth highest Ag producing County in California, following Tulare, Kern, and Fresno Counties.

View a schedule of crops grown and harvested in Monterey County by season.

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